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Michael Galvin
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happy birthday!   / Gina Duggan (cousin)
happy birthday sweet angel!!
Mikey  / Erika Bradford (None)
Hello, I stumbled upon your site thru the curejm website. I am so very sorry for the lose of your son. He is so beautiful. Unfortunately my two year old son has joined the race of dermatomysitis. I offer my prayers to your family to ease your pa...  Continue >>
Wonderful tribute web site, my deepest sympathies   / Bruce Fey (none)
Thank you so much for taking the time to setup this tribute to your son Mikey.   It touched a void in my heart that I have been trying to avoid.   IN a small way, your site helps to keep him not only alive, but touching the lives ...  Continue >>
Beautiful saying   / Auntie Issa
I noticed how beautiful the sky was the other day and then I realized its because you're up there I love you Mikey! <3
Precious  / Amy Maddocks (none)
I found your web site through the MISS forums.  I am touched by your story and your precious son.  Please know I am thinking of you and your family is in my prayers.  Michael is a sweetheart!
Michael / Julie Thomas Packer     Read >>
For Michael  / Julie Thomas Packer     Read >>
so full of life and smiles  / Danielle Vess (none)    Read >>
my prayers  / Susan Bocanegra (another angel's mommy )    Read >>
My condolences  / Alma Mills     Read >>
I have DM too (adult)...  / Brenda Denton (no relation )    Read >>
Thinking of you Michael & your mommy!!  / Keena Killians Mommy (another angels mommy )    Read >>
Thinking of you....  / Cindy Mommy To Angel Kaydence     Read >>
I love you!  / AnnMarie Galvin (Mother)    Read >>
So sorry  / Ann/Mother Of An Angel     Read >>
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His legacy
"A short time in our lives, forever in our hearts" Mikey was a beautiful, smart and healthy little boy. At the beginning of 2005 everything changed. First Mikey started with a rash on his face. We went to see Mikey’s dr. he said it was fifth disease. We went back because Mikey was getting muscle weekness. He couldn’t sit on the floor to play with his toys or even go upstairs to see papa and nana. Which he always did. The dr. kept telling us it will go away. We went to another dr's office. They told us the same thing. They even told us that "I would send him to a rheumatologist but they will laugh at me because he is walking". I decided that wasn't an acceptable answer. I took him to the ER. After all that we got referred to a rheumatologist. We went a few days later and they told us that Mikey had a rare auto-immune disease called Dermatomyositis. When we were told this we were very upset. We had no idea what to expect. We told ourselves that we would get Mikey through this. He was one strong little boy. Then that’s when something went wrong. Mikey went into the hospital for 3 days to start his treatment (steroids and methotrexate). But during this time Mikey had possible pneumonia. The dr.’s weren’t sure so they treated it as pneumonia and continued with his JM treatment. One month later on April 2, we were back in the hospital. Mikey was sick again. (We told the dr. he was sick again, during his infusion but we were told he was fine and continued with the infusions.) He was admitted into the hospital because he couldn't breath and his heart rate was through the roof. It took over a week to finally know what Mikey had. He had PCP pneumonia. At this point Mikey was in the ICU on a ventilator and in a drug induced coma. He was then put on ECMO because his lungs couldn’t handle the pressure of the ventilator any more. ECMO is a lung bypass machine. It would give Mikey’s lungs a chance to rest. About a week into being on ECMO we saw some improvements. We thought he was going to come off ECMO. But when it came time to wean him off, he couldn’t tolerate it. His lungs were just to sick. We were finally told he could be put on the lung transplant list. It was a very tough decision to make. If he did get the transplant in time he could suffer a lot. Lung transplants are the most difficult to do. We decided to at least put him on the list, then we would see how things went. We wanted him to have every possible chance. Mikey’s condition started to get worse. He was already on ECMO for 40 days. That was the most that they had any patient on it. So, if anything came up they weren’t sure how to handle it. He was already starting to have some complications. We didn’t want anything to happen that could cause Mikey to suffer. We had to come to the decision to let him go. This is a decision that no one should ever have to make. How could any parent make this decision? We put it off for a few days. Finally that day came. I think that Mikey told us that it was time. He fought so hard the whole time, but his numbers were starting to drop. We called our family and friends to come and be with us. Mikey was with everyone that he loved. Later that night Mike and I were able to be alone with mikey. We talked to him and told him how much everyone loves him. I held him while the machines were turned down. It was the first time I was able to hold him in almost 2 months. At 2:20 am on May 27 2005 Mikey passed away.
Letter to Mikey!  
Dear Mikey, Not a second goes by that I don’t think about you. I think of your blonde hair, your beautiful blue eyes, your cute smile and your goofy laugh. Mikey, I often think of us sitting on the couch watching Shrek (I was Shrek and You were Donkey) or looking in my rear view mirror and seeing you smiling at me. I will remember your big hugs and kisses and when you said “I Love You”. I loved when you called me “Mike”, it made me feel more like your best friend than your father. Mikey I know you would have been an excellent big brother and I will tell ryan about you when he gets older. I know you would have been a fire fighter. Mikey, when your mother and I remember you, we will remember a happy, fun loving boy who enjoyed every moment of life and who also touch so many lives. Words cannot express the happiness that you brought to your mother and I, during your 2.5 years here. Mikey, you were the best that ever happened to your mother and I, and we thank you for the privlege for allowing us to be your parents. We could not have asked for a better son.

I could have never imagined how many people one little boy could touch. I know Mikey will never be forgotten , because he leaves behind so many memories. I want to share his wonderful memories with everyone.

We can’t even drive down the road with out thinking about him. Mikey loved trucks. You would always hear him in the back seat saying “wow”. when we drove by the fire station he would say “fire fighter, me, me”. when we drove by toys r us. He would say “US?”. When Mikey got sick I think we went there every night just to make him happy.

Our house especially has so many memories. Mikey’s bedroom is filled with so many toys, trucks, and tools. Ryan loves playing in there. Every time he goes in there he waves to the pictures of Mikey. Even though Ryan is to young to understand, I know that he still misses his big brother.

Even the bathroom has memories. Mikey loved taking showers. He could sit in there for ever playing with his trucks and cars…He just learned to go on the potty. He learned so quickly. I think it was his shrek underwear that helped.

When Mikey got sick he spent a lot of time in the living room watching his videos. His favorite was shrek. I think we know every word to shrek and shrek 2. He love Aladdin too. Every time we went in the car we would have to play Aladdin. Mikey loved singing Arabian night. His other favorite was Toy Story. I don’t know who like it more big Mike or little Mike. Mikey was Buzz Light Year and Mike was Woody.

And when it was time for bed we had a whole routine. We would give dada a kiss good night, Mikey would always say I’you (I love you). I would lay in the bed with him and before I would lay down he would say “hair mout” (I would have to take my hair out of the pony tail). For him to fall a sleep he would have to hold my hand. I loved that so much. Mikey was so full of love. He always said I’you. That’s one of the things I really miss. I also miss Mikey calling dada Mike. I think he did that because he thought of mike as his best friend.

Mikey would always go upstairs to visit nana and papa. There were child proof locks on the doors, but Mikey figured those out pretty quick. He was always sneaking up there. He would make papa lay on the floor to play. Mikey would crawl all over papa. Then he would go to nana when he wanted a snack. Mikey loved eating dinner with nana and papa. Especially when they had pasta. Pasta was Mikey’s favorite. The week that Mikey got sick, we started a new tradition. We had “noodle night at the Galvins” with nana and papa. Mikey had so much fun that night, even though he wasn’t feeling well. We only got to have “noodle night” once, but a least we got to have that one night.

Mikey used to love going to his nana and grandpa’s house. He would always tell me “nana’s house, cars”. Nana saved all of Big Mike’s matchbox cars when he was little. Mikey loved going out to the side porch to play with the cars. When he was in the porch playing he would always call Ashley to come play with him. He would call her “Akey”. For some reason Mikey loved Melissa’s Kasey Kane NASCAR car. He always looked to go to Melissa’s room to get it.

Last summer we used to go to nana and grandpa’s house to play badminton. Mikey thought he was playing by hitting everyone on the back of the legs with the rackets. He always seemed to go for Melissa.

He loved grandpa’s police car, he loved it when grandpa would flash the lights for him.

Mikey loved going to Mike’s work to see him. The first thing he would do was go right for the tool box. He would always get out this small hammer that mike had. He would pretend to fix things. When he went there he would love seeing uncle Rob and Matt too. Matt would always take Mikey and come back with all kinds of snacks. Matt once gave Mikey honey BBQ chicken and coke when he was about 8 months. Mikey loved it, but I can’t say that I did.

Mikey loved going to our family parties because he loved playing with his cousins. Brittany, Brian, Maeghan, Abby,  Sean and Shannon. I know he would have loved playing with his new little cousin John. Mikey was so lucky because not only did he have four wonderful grandparents. He also had four wonderful great-grandparents. I bet Mikey’s in heaven with Dad and Grandpa smiling down on us.

There are so many more happy memories that we have of Mikey. It’s so nice to know that Mikey will never be forgotten. I hope that one day with the help of Mikey we can find a cure for JDM.

What the Dedham Fire Dept did for Mikey 

Mikey touched so many people when he passed away. He even touched people that never met him. He wanted to be a firefighter. Every time we would drive by a fire station he would say “firefighter me, me!” When he passed away his Aunt Melissa called a local fire station and asked them if they could do anything. We had no idea she did this for us. The man who answered was so touched. He told her he could see what he could do, but usually they can’t do anything. He went to the wake in uniform. He brought us a fire truck basket with a fire department t-shirt, hat and patch. I can’t even begin to explain how I felt then. This man went out of his way for us and Mikey. He stayed there for a good amount of time. The next day was the funeral and we were inside the funeral home and Firefighter Lassard came again. I couldn’t believe he was there again. We went outside to get into the limo and there was a fire truck with about 5 fire fighters there to honor Mikey. We just couldn’t believe it. Firefighter Lassard led the possession from the church to the cemetery with the flowers in the back of the Fire dept. truck. During the ceremony at the cemetery Firefighter lassard presented us with a plaque that made Mikey was an honorary member of the Fire Dept. I can honestly say it was just a beautiful day. This man went out of his way for us. They were two days that I was really dreading. I didn’t want to deal with a wake and a funeral for my 2 year old son. But I realized how special he is to everyone and how everyone loved him. I am so grateful for their kindness.

Article about Mikey in the Dedham Transcript.

A story about Mikey's birthday vigil and the fire dept. December 6, 2005

December, 27 2005

To honor Mikey's memory the CureJM Foundation has set up the Mikey Galvin Memorial Research Fund. To Make a donation go to
www.curejm.com. Just click on Mikey's picture on the homepage.
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